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Congo Lotus Care, Inc. (CLC) I  501(c)(3)  I I  Contact  I

Why We Do It

Because of the cold, hard facts…

developed countries. In Sub-Saharan Africa, it is a staggering 1 in 22.

…And because it’s the right thing to do

Maternal and Reproductive health are not “women’s issues”. In most parts of the world, the well-being of entire families, including men, depends heavily on healthy women and mothers. No woman should risk her life, health, or the well-being of her baby because she lacks access to basic reproductive and maternal health care.

Get Involved

You can:

your wedding or a special celebration.

Get InvolvedWhy Women's HealthGet InvolvedWhy Women's Health

What We Do

Pregnancy and childbirth are often a cruel experience for

poor women and girls. What should be one of the most joyful

events in a woman’s life - Giving Birth - often turns into  a life or death situation.

Close to 75 % of women and girls who die in childbirth would be alive if they had access to basic health interventions that either prevent pregnancy or birth complications. Congo Lotus Care wants to provide quality, lifesaving healthcare to women and girls. Imagine nearly 250,000 mothers, sisters, aunts, teenagers dying needlessly every year. You can help us raise awareness, funds, or both. Get involved, help one of them.

Where We Do It

You might ask, why the Democratic Republic of Congo?

First, the founder of the NGO has a personal connection to this

Sub-Saharan country. Second, the D.R. Congo has undergone a serious

deterioration of its infrastructure over the last 15 years because of multiple wars. Hospitals, clinics, and health services delivery systems do not offer adequate support to the population.

Worth A Thousand Words The Project

Over 500,000 women and girls die every year from pregnancy related issues. Essentially, one girl or woman dies every minute.

Almost 50% of those 500,000 deaths happen in Sub-Saharan Africa. These deaths are needless and preventable. Congo Lotus Care works to stop them in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We need $95,000 to open our first clinic.

Help us raise awareness. Help us raise funds. Donate medical supplies. Pledge your birthday. Share your expertise. Get involved.

The Project Get Involved Why Women's Health Why Women's Health The Project

We opened the first clinic in the summer of 2013! Watch the video

$15,000  raised

Goal : $95,000

Fundraising Monitor

Want to help? Donate money, supplies, medicine, OR buy medical supplies yourself, and mail them to us!

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